59 and a bit more

By 59


Toby brought me an early Christmas present this morning. Unfortunately my daughter found it on the back step and she does not like rats or mice one little bit. I haven’t seen any for ages so thought the timing was funny. I said to leave it there so I could get a blip. Then I carefully wrapped it up and put it in the bin. 

It’s all quiet here this evening as everyone has gone home. I cooked dinner while Bob watched YouTube videos on Raspberry Pis ( computers) and batteries. How exciting. Now I’m going to read a book Cathy bought up ( we all swap our books around so have a constant supply). So far I’m enjoying it.  Will blip it when I can tell you what I think of it....

Thanks for the nice comments on our girlie photo yesterday, I feel old and small. I usually am much taller than the children and Cathy but they cheated and stood on the step.

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