Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Tiny Ornament

I've blipped this before, maybe more than once, but it's a favorite so here it is again. :-)  It hangs in my den except in December when it's on the tree.  Today it's in front of a laser light that is projected on the wall.  It would have been an easy shot with a tripod but I'm so lazy about getting it out.  Instead I leaned over a chair and dangled the ornament in front of the light, contorted myself into position and took the shot one handed.  One resolution for next year is to get in the habit of using the tripod!  Many thanks to Ingeborg for faithfully hosting Tiny Tuesdays! 

I baked 7 dozen cookies today and 3 dozen yesterday, so the baking is done.  Although, I might bake a spice cake tomorrow.  I need to make a quick trip to the store for grape tomatoes and basil for my caprese appetizers and fresh vegetables for a tray.  We decided on appetizers for Christmas Eve.  Becky is deep cleaning and spraying Microban on the furniture.  It's supposed to last on surfaces for 24 hours.  We'll all be wearing masks and their family room is big enough for us to be 6 feet apart.  We're going to make two trays of all the appetizers so each couple will have their own food and we're being super careful with the food prep.  I must have washed my hands 20 times today.  I don't know how we could be any more careful without full PPE!  

I'm going to reply to comments tonight and sprinkle stars again.  Sorry for my lack of comments.  I'll try to do better, but it might not happen until after Christmas.  

I am grateful to PD for cleaning up after me when I bake.  Sometimes he washes things before I'm even finished with them!  By the way, I was right about the foot massage last night. :-))

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