By Sparky


A subdued breakfast. Himself is tired after a stressful evening trying to get all the info for DiL’s visa ready. She wanted to send it off despite it being 330am in Thailand and the pair of them scoured bank statements, asked helplines, added up their money until it was 1030pm here 530am there. They have to show they have had £62k ‘under their control’ for the last 6 months. Who, at the age of 25/27, has that kinda cash? Certainly not refugees (who are entitled to seek asylum here) nor poor economic migrants. Anyway, I think they’ve done it. Next she has an interview to show their marriage is real, and then up to 12 week wait. She starts her job in 8 weeks, so fingers crossed it is successful, and arrives in 8 or fewer weeks.
Oh and the small matter of $5k in fees, which are not refundable in the event of failure.

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