The weathers been terrible today heavy rain all day. So I’ve been baking and made a shepherd’s pie, apple pie, cherry crumble and minced pies. I think I better go on my Wii game to do some exercises before I have my meal later.
I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, especially this time of year but my sister’s results were worse than she expected. It is cancer of the liver. There are multiple bits of cancer in both lobes so its too difficult to operate. I can't believe that it has spread throughout her liver since the last scan in July when it was clear. So she’s going to have the immunotherapy again, only two different types. The same one as before with a stronger one. Which means a higher chance of getting side effects like the colitis again. It only has a 50% chance of working and even if it does work it will only give her another one or two year’s survival. So I don’t think she’s going to tell her children who live with their partners. she’ll tell them after Christmas. Well take care and I hope the weathers better where you are.

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