Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


Night in with the girlfriend, getting Lambrini'd, listening to a Hardstyle techno CD that I made about an hour ago. Proper raving. Just discussing life with Bex it's great. Aha, we're going to be mortal knowing us, she's so cute man.

Smoking out the window will come next, then the warm face stage and the 'this music is awesome, i can't stop dancing stage'.

Haven't cracked it open yet, but we're currently eating a packet of skittles and we're disappointed because we ate all the red and purple ones. Ergh life.

Will certainly be on the munch later. Ay well, good job we've got pizzas, nutella cheesecake, and loads more!!

Life's really good, got a trial shift in Vallum Café in Corbridge, ten minutes up the road, starting driving soon and applying for more and more jobs and moving out soon. Excited is not the word.

Much love, It's nice to see my regular followers on here commenting on James' new blip, you're all so lovely, and so loyal, I adore you all my babies!

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