Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


This is my neck after last night. I was surprised too don't worry. I had a really nice night last night with Bex, we decided to make us official considering we were basically anyway, she got over her shyness and kissed me properly and we had a fun as hell evening dancing away to techno Hardstyle and drinking Brini aha. What a way to spend your saturday night. But no, as you can see, I had fun.

Now i'm sat here wondering what to do with myself, she has a job interview tomorrow and i'm hoping for us both that she gets it, we're moving out y'see, and I have my job interview next week, I am raring to go!

I am trying to stop eating as I want to have lost a stone at least by summer, and if I get this job i'll be buying bleach, getting my nose pierced on both sides and my bridge pierced, and then bleaching my hair entirely blonde and having it re shaved and trimmed, then hopefully i'll be the person I want to be these days.

Talked to Bethan, as expected, I felt nothing, so I am beyond happy about that. In fact I had minimal interest at all! Hurrah. Happy blipping.

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