Concoction is a weird word, if you look at it for long enough. Not as silly as shampoo though - now there's a ridiculous word... Sham. Poo. Ridiculous.

Anyway, a concoction is what Tess said she was making with this plastic drum she found on the beach and the dog's ball thrower. It involved sea water, sand and stones too. I had to talk her out of dragging it up the hill and back to the car park with her.

I'm feeling pretty inadequate today - worrying about lots and doing very little. My energy's coming back slower than I would like and I'm putting pressure on myself to deal with everything that's not been dealt with in the last few weeks. It's just counter-productive really because it's making me feel worse. So I'm glad we got out eventually today. It was too easy to stay in all day and avoid the cold weather, but at 4.30 I was fed up of feeling low and knew I had to get out.

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