By BentleyTBear

Happy Santa Day!!!

Christmas Day under Covid-19 Rules has been different.  Good, rather than great; but very busy and quite tiring!

The programme of activities was even more rigid than usual; but still allowed time for a walk around town on a beautiful crisp, clear morning; which other walkers a 'Merry Christmas' as we passed.  Then it was a Zoom call before lunch with Child No.1; (with a novel present unwrapping ceremony).  After lunch and the Queen's Speech, there was a second Zoom call with my sister and brother, and any family members in their 'bubbles'.  Then preparing Christmas dinner in time for Child No.2 (the Key Worker) to come off shift.  Then another Zoom call between Child No.1 and Child No.2.  And most of this was done without a drink!

The Santa sweatshirt was on prominent display thoughout.  This family heirloom, bought from 'bang on the door' at a Christmas Fair in B'ham in 1995, is now 25 years Christmases old.  It is not so much that it still fits, it is more that is has grown bigger and baggier that I have over the years.  

It will now be packed away for next Christmas!

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