By BentleyTBear

Inquisitive Young Things 7 (Windswept and Nosy)

We slept really well last night; probably as a result of 'under-indulging' over our late Christmas dinner.

The forecast for the day had been for wet weather, but then it was forecast to be dry; and in the end it was both (or neither!)

We took our regular walk around Ardington and Lockinge, for the umpteenth time!!!  We were joined by Child No.2 (the Key Worker) who was half-way between recovering from working day shift on Christmas Day, and preparing to work early evening shift on Boxing Day.

We have enjoyed watching these young horses at the back of the Henrietta Knight stables.  A few days ago I swear the three of them were playing 'tag'.  One would nudge the other two... and then sprint off at speed; and then the process would repeat.

Today they seemed keen to say hello; and to show off their misty rain covered manes. 

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