Miss Edna

We attended church virtually as we always do and then watched Music & the Spoken Word. Afterwards we drove up to the Hampstead Cemetery so we could check on Miss Edna.

I must confess I haven’t been to check her grave site in a while and I don’t think there are any family members that do. They would have to be grandchildren or further as both her children are also gone now.

We saw some Christmas decorations on the graves of some of her relatives but none were on hers. Think we will have to take up the cause. I wore my Christmas flamingo top just for her!

I spent a little time outside with Baron and did take some photos. The ice I took out the bird bath is still sitting on the grass Burrrrrr.

I’m about to snuggle up with a book and my blanket like everyone should on days like today!

Stay home if you can and take care of yourself and each other xx

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