By schorschi

Not a nice sight

I saw this not knowing what was going on but only too well aware it was a vet's vehicle and not from our normal horse vet. Not a welcome sight as it normally means trouble.

However, it turned out to be someone I have vaguely known for years from sporadic dog walking encounters with the owner and her dog. Seemingly Angie had met her on a dog walk recently and because the vet knew Luna, they got talking. Angie has been unhappy about our usual large animal vet practice who employ half a dozen different vets & we seem to have had a series of getting the wrong vet for the job at hand.

So Angie had asked her to come by to do the various vaccines that were due and to have a general consultation. Worked out well.

Oh, the animals! The same vets practice we have been using for the horses has also been doing any serious work on Luna and that hasn't worked out too well either. We also have a local vet in Ottobeuren who is now more of a friend and who is great with small animals e.g. cat castration but not equipped for other bigger operations and has little in the way of equipment e.g. x-ray machine. She's great on pills & potions and has done all the final jabs for cats & dogs that have come to the end of their lives. However, she has now just retired although being a friend and still having some bits & pieces she has for instance done Luna's latest vaccine (for free). She likes to pop by just to say hello and is always grateful for a box of eggs, and perhaps she will have the tick & worm treatments for a while to come.

We have also found out that a nearby vet who specialised in small animals and  who has done some work for us in the past including an operation on our old Border Flash a few years ago has started again after a few years baby break. So that will probably be our next port of call if we have serious problems with the cats & Luna. Her husband is a cow specialist vet and another possibility for the horses.

I know Pet Vet Insurance is a big and  very expensive thing in the UK but is still very rare in Germany. I know there are companies trying to break into the market, but I suspect the quantity of vets around & choice means vet's fees here are a lot less than in the UK. No factual evidence though.

Today's extra photo is peppers harvested this afternoon from the unheated greenhouse. There are also some cucumbers and tomatoes. Unbelievable for mid November.

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