By BentleyTBear

Passing the Baton!

Today I am changing my 'take everywhere' camera.  My lovely white Olympus XZ-1 is now getting on got ten years old, and every now and then there is a small issue; with the screen, or the focus or the sensor.  It is difficult when you start losing confidence!

Earlier this year my ageing Olympus Tough camera also gave out; mainly as a result of loaning it to Child No.2 (possibly!).  So I have decided to combine the two with an investment into a new Olympus Tough TG-6, in Red!!!

I still have a way to go though the 166 page manual; but I have now taken my last picture with the XZ-1 {of the TG-6} and my first picture with the TG-6 {of the XZ-1} (Extra photos).

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