By BentleyTBear

2020 Done!

As an exile from the Kingdom of Mercia now living in the Kingdom of Wessex my objective for 2020 was to capture one year in this little corner of England.  

This project is now completed; and while I had my doubts in March whether I had chosen the right year to do this, in hindsight it was a very good year to track, and to mark out the days.  However, while we remain firmly in the grasp of Tier 4 lockdown I am planning to take a break.  I may return in the future, but I will need to have a new purpose.

I would like to thank everyone involved for their comments and encouragement, and their good humour.  In particular; Beewatcher,  Kirre,  heanku, and A5HA (Keep going!!!)

Good luck to everyone for the New Year!!! - which doesn't 'actually' start until 1 April 2021!!!

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