Oak Apple and Umbellifer

A simple symbolism of the end of the year with the old oak apples and the dried flower heads of an umbellifer against a winter background.

Look carefully on the stem and you will see the buds for next spring. So this blip marks the end of one year and the beginning of another, the real end of my eighth year and the beginning of my ninth year of blipping.

The optional theme for Abstract Thursday hosted by Ingeborg is “fireworks”. This represents nature’s fireworks. Well, that’s what I’ve tried to convey anyway. One of the extras is another take on the same study. I don’t think it would bear much scrutiny as the file size was only a few hundred kbs.

I’ve used up my remaining extras from today’s frosty, sunny walk across the frozen countryside of Kent. So pleasant and far from the maddening (deliberate misquote) crowds.

We can all hope that 2021 will be a year of improvement, where vaccines will begin to control the worst excesses of the virus and the whole world can begin to be rebuilt as better place for us all.

We wish you all and all your families all the very best for the New Year. Good health and good fortune to you all.

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