By Sefferdog

I missed you! How about a kiss?

That is what this camel seems to be saying!

I was supposed to ride motorcycles into the panhandle with a couple of buds today, but after breakfast we decided to cancel that due to rain, drizzle, and general uncooperative weather.

Realizing I needed a blip, and that I would not want to go back out in this weather once I got home, I went a back route to my house and stopped on the way and got this.

This fellow raises animals for zoos around the country and is always a neat place to stop by. The camel came right up to the fence, so I fed him grass for a bit as a thank you for the blip. Had some nice zebra shots as well, but I can get them again for another day, although there is a zebra's backside in this blip!

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