By Sefferdog

American Bittern eating breakfast...

I went to the La Chua Trail again this morning and what a place it is. Such a variety of different species. I went with the intent of blipping a gator pic, and I got some great ones. But, like anything, it changed in the end.

I was walking along the canal and I saw the bittern again. I posted him just a few days ago, but this time I was able to ease closer. I was within 8 ft of him, just watching him hunt. He would look at me occasionally, clacking his beak together and roughing out his feathers, but he wasn't afraid of me.

He was on the hunt and I hoped he would catch something while I had this vantage point. I saw the neck extend, he got very still, and I knew it was on!! His head darted down into the water, and up it came. He had a small crustacean in his beak, and that is one of the pics I blipped. Enjoy.

Maybe a gator tomorrow...

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