By MarkHyson


I've enjoyed posting some pylons and wind turbines recently; thank you so much for the feedback. I thought I would stretch the theme by making it 'Industrial and Natural Setting', IANS for short. *Taps fingers whilst blipfoto sets up an IANS group*.

So, today I decided to venture out to the woods near Darwell Reservoir, the side of the Gypsum mines to find the conveyors which are used from transporting raw material from mine to base, where they will be crushed for roadstone or made into plasterboard. I remember them being open to the elements, but now they're housed in steel cladding, approximately 2m high by about 1.5m wide... I am yet to determine the length, I walked for what seemed like miles, up and down several hills until I felt I couldn't go on.

This photo gives an idea of what it's like, but without seeing it in the flesh, the scale doesn't seem as impressive.

Best viewed large.

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