This is a French stamp issued in 2006 with one of many of Paul Cêzanne's paintings of people having a bath/swim. I don't really like the style, but it's an interesting stamp. Considering how many paintings he made of people getting ready for a bath, you'd think there was something odd about him...

Spent most of the day working through translations of the latest French series I've downloaded. I run the subtitles through Google first, which is okay, but really struggles with obvious French-English translations, then I manually scan them for formatting errors, and noises that don't need translating. I use some rules to batch correct American to English and fix consistent mistranslations. The result isn't as good as a proper translation, but it's enough to help me watch French TV.

Since 1 January lots of Brits in the EU discovered that their TV subscription has stopped working... And are a bit annoyed that they can't get British TV and may have to watch local TV... To be honest most TV is rubbish, but every nation produces something you should like. For me I rather like TV detectives, and France has a few that are watchable - most are not... I can't watch them without subtitles yet, but with English subtitles I can at least join the sounds up with the words, or when watching British imports the reverse, and read the French subtitles to the English dialogue.

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