Response to Picturemull's blip

The Mono Monday challenge today is to respond to Picturemull's blip.

I found the blip of the tiny shoe evocative. First shoes always bring a sense of nostalgia for the passage of time. That sense is heightened at New Year anyway and this year more so. I was sorting out the Christmas cards today, organising them into piles: those not to be recycled (glitter, foil, beads etc), those to be reused for writing interminable lists on the reverse and those to be made into gift tags. I'm not a crafty person but even I can cut up a bit of card. I used the fancy scissors from the 5 year old's craft stash. There's the nostalgia for me. I have no idea when she'll be back here to use all the card, pens, stickers and so on. We await the news from Holyrood but we know its not going to be permission for households to mix.

But on the other hand, Picturemull's blip includes R's contemporary footwear. There is a future and wouldn't it be great if we took a bit more care of things to shape it. This was one of the best cards this year. It's from a former colleague. I've not seen her since March last year even though she lives not so far away. She's an XR supporter as you can see. It's a reminder that things can change, we can have some influence over events and maybe we have an opportunity for positive change right now.

So there you go. I'm stretching it a bit but I wanted to join in today as I think Picturemull's MM Challenge for the month is really thought provoking.

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