Mono Monday

Out of the door by 0930 this morning to pop over to Bideford to pick J up to take her shopping in S'bury's as she is not fully fit to be able to drive. Sun did its best to stay out but grey clouds had other ideas. There was a few spots of rain., which we managed to miss.

Did think I would stop in Instow on my way home to take one or two images. But it was so busy, there were no parking spaces. Anyone would think it was mid Summer!!! Several large groups of people standing around on the beach chatting, and lots of dog walkers too. 

So when I got home thought I had better check what the theme was for today. Shoes, feet, walking came to mind. Maybe not thinking far out the box, but here is my offering, walking, fitness and cosy slippers for in front of the fire :-)

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