Tiny Tuesday

New life in my garden. The new roses that were planted in the Autumn seem to have settled in their new home. They have nearly drowned with all the rain we have had over the last 3-4 months. They have been frozen and snowed upon, well a dusting. and the four of them are happily sporting new growth. 

 A lovely winters day. Not much wind and sunshine to brighten everyone up. Especially those of us here in UK as England tomorrow joins Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in Lockdown again. As of tomorrow England will be in Level 5 until at least the middle of February.

Went for my walk around the block this morning covering 3.4 miles. Sue met me on the last stretch, before going shopping, which was good. And my indoor fitness classes start tomorrow with Interval training, then on Friday morning with Aerobics. All should help with the Christmas excesses!! 

Take care out there everyone, and stay safe :-) x

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