Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Luscombe Valley

It was a lovely bright morning. There was a chilly wind but it wasn't icy. I decided on a walk down the Luscombe Valley to the remains of the 13th century  Lidwell Chapel.

It's a nice walk down although the path is a bit worn as you get into the steeper part. Once you get to the gate this lovely view of the Luscombe Valley and Smallacombe farm opens up with the sea beyond. A little way further round the edge of the wood on the left is the old haunted chapel. It's very muddy as the spring that feeds the well runs out down the path. You can see the chapel in my extra.

The footpath doesn't go any further as the Luscombe Estate are very protective of their grounds and I imagine this is an ancient right of way. It's lovely and quiet and it's a good idea to enjoy it and take in some air before you climb back up the hill. It's just a shame the lovely light that we had this morning didn't last until I got down the valley.

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