By strawhouse


It’s been one way traffic the last few days and weeks and tonight the inevitable happened.
Locked down again.
I have mixed feelings about it. Gutted that the Little Misses aren’t going back to school and normality. Relieved that we can just batten down the hatches now that the end is in sight. Thankful that we’ve dodged it so far. Trying not to think about all the things we can’t do - no Kelling at half term, no meeting friends, no birthday outings for Miss L (the last lockdown started on Miss E’s birthday so they’re even!)
At least the “It’s so confusing” brigade should be able to get their heads round it.
Although I think there needs to be a slight adjustment as to what’s classed as essential shopping.
Miss E is most put out that she has to get up for registration at 8.40am tomorrow, and then follow a timetabled day. During the last Lockdown she got up at 10ish, got all her work done by noon and the watched Friends for the rest of the day. This’ll be a bit different.
And we’ll definitely be trying harder with Miss L’s home schooling. 1 out of 10 for effort last time!!

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