By dogwithnobrain

And yawn and stretch and try to come to life

Back at my desk this morning, but work was severely restricted by the union meeting going on, on my calculator. 

Brenda, Dan, Archie, Sally and Bob were discussing the merits of a shorter working day, more breaks, earlier finishing time. 

Brenda believes that shorter working week makes for happier staff who will work harder. 

Dan thinks that Brenda just doesn't really want to work. 

Archie would work twice as long, he doesn't have a happy home life. 

Sally likes to come to work, to shop on the internet and update her social media.  Her internet at home is very slow. 

Bob wishes they would all just get on with it, and leave him out of it. 

There are  more committee meetings than actual work.  

And Nothing gets done by the committee for themselves, or for anyone else. 

They should think themselves fortunate to have a job and get on with it. 

(do you know I took this photo, and then had to clean my calculator and take it again, my calculator was manky)

(Also - everyone is socially distanced.  Each button is approximately 2.1 metres wide)


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