By dogwithnobrain

We plough the fields and Scatter...

I was brought up being dragged to Sunday School every weekend.   So I know my hymns.  

I had a bible class teacher, Miss G.  She was about 100, and 4 feet tall, and 3 feet wide.  She was also a teacher at the primary school and was the most feared teacher, (after Mr. Robinson, but he had retired so she took over). 

Miss G belted children all the time because it was the only way to get a lesson into them.  I couldn't help but think that her Christian morals were at odds with the beatings she dished out relentlessly each and every day. 

If you were talking in line, you got called to her classroom.  If you couldn't answer a question in class, you got called to the front.  If your homework was eaten by the dog, you got called to the front.

Sadly, she loved me.  It was to my utter horror that she loved me above all other children, and as we lined up to go in, I'd check the teacher station points in fear; if she was stood at a busy point, it was guaranteed that she would stop our class at me; pull me to her very, very ample bosom (which meant pulling my head downwards), and telling everyone what a good, god-fearing child I was. 

I wasn't god-fearing.  I was Miss G fearing. 

Her response to any questions as to the validity of her cruelty was "It's hard being a Christian". 

Miss G ended up going slightly demented and wandering the town trying to buy her shopping with Pre-1973 money.   

I always remember being horrified to hear that her budgie was found dead at the same time as her, but laying on top of 3 inches of bird poo. 

Wonder if she got to heaven? 

These are the seeds I planted yesterday, I hope to be ploughing my fields in 12 days with a variety of salad leaves.  Cabbage, Rocket, and Corriander among them.   I was delighted to see that the cabbage ones have sprouted already.  I don't have a good history with Corriander

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