By dogwithnobrain

'Cause what he does, he does so well

Been a while since you saw him. 

J.  took this shot of him a month or so ago - but it only came to me today. 

As you know both Boy and J were working, teaching English to Chinese Children to fund their travels around the world.  In October that plan crashed to the ground when the Chinese government changed the rules, and placed restrictions on On-Line Learning for children. 

They were able to see life out in Turkey / Georgia and somewhere else until November when they flew back into the USA to formulate their plans for the future.  

They don't want to give up traveling but they needed to find a new source of income. 

J has set up in business as a virtual assistant... check out Jesstation ... for more information.

Boy has finally put pen to paper and is earning money as a writer.  He's writing for Blogs, Companies, News Letters, and Copywriting.    

He's actually won a contract which has secured his income for the next wee while - and leaves him plenty of time to look around for other contracts too.

I cannot believe he has finally done it. It's what he should have been doing forever.  

He has a way with words, a way which comes back with emotion - you are left smiling or crying. 

This means, that J's Mum and Dad will be losing them to their travels once more in about a week.  They are heading off to Mexico City and then... 

The World is their Lobster. 

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