By dogwithnobrain

I see it all, I see it all now

Today was a funny day.

I received a make up box which i ordered.  It promised the earth.  It would hide every blemish on my face, it would match my tone exactly. 

I was SO Excited. I had even bought Make up brushes in anticipation. 

I took a ten minute break from work, and put it on exactly as described.  The instructions said "leave ten minutes to dry into your skin". 

After 15 minutes I felt as though I had a face pack on.  I looked in the mirror.  I was orange.  For Sure. 

It looked AWFUL and FELT Awful.  I added the highlighter, and concealer to see if that would help.  It was twice as bad. 

I put it all back in the box and sent it back. 

Then I had to take a run into work, to collect the mail. 

I turned right at the end of the road, and there was an inch of slush.   The office was a winter wonderland, and Arran across the water was glorious.  I phoned Si and Said, "get the drone up, get Arran in all it's flory" .

When I got home - home was still snow / sludge free, and the sun was shining, but the clouds had settled over the water - and himself was sitting at the table, fighting with the drone.   it wouldn't talk to his phone. 

I ran outside, but Arran was almost gone under the snow clouds - have a look at the extra. 

I thought our gardens altogether looked lovely though.  Quite tidy.. Oh just noticed we still have potato bags in the garden. Dang. More Potatoes. 

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