By dogwithnobrain

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Not taking credit for this photo. 

This photo was the last Photo Boy took, before his drone went rogue.

I knew nothing about it, until I got a text from J saying "We've lost the drone, running to the beach to find it". 

I shouted through the wall to Si - "They've lost the drone".   He was up and out and into the car before i knew it. 

So Boy was flying the drone over the beach - about 500 yards and 5 streets away.   Then the screen went blank. 

he knew it was still in the air.... but couldn't identify where it was - no picture. 

So the two of them ran down the road to the beach - he had flown it pretty much straight down the road we would walk, but at 150 ft. 

when they got to the beach they couldn't see it, and brought it down to 100 ft.  Still couldn't see it.   So he switched it off completely from the controller, and rebooted.   Tech 101.  

Screen came back into focus, and they rediscovered the drone. 

He had actually made it as far back as the station - which is about 200 yards away from the house.   But without knowing exactly where it was... it could have been anywhere. 

This drone is a whole lot heavier than ours - and I would hate to see the mess of someone if it were to land on them. 

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