By dogwithnobrain

What next is the question

I subscribed for a Gousto box last Friday in a Jack Daniels Haze.

I’m kinda glad I did know because for the last three nights I’ve cooked the dinner … something unheard of In our house. I mean if you are married to a chef why not make use of him.

Anyways. I orders them so I should take responsibility.

I have cooked from scratch. A chipotle Burger with wedges; chicken with spinach and feta pilaf; and tonight this one… mushroom stroganoff.

I am quite taken with it. They spell it out beautifully. The reference cards are so handy. We could do them again .

Although my mate K said she was full of ‘I bought all the bits’ and they are still in the cupboard unopened.

I have one more to make a creamy chicken potato pie…. Can’t wait for that!

I already ordered next weeks… I haven’t told Himself what we are having. He is going to be very excited. I have gone with lamb, pork, chicken and fish. All quite exotic recipes ha ha !

I really only went for it because it was £14 for the first four… (four meals for two) and then next week £24 …. And £24 for the next two weeks …..

But I also have a credit because they delivered a day later than they said they would. And one of my mates at work used my code and got me another credit’. Amazing

If anyone would like a 65% discount code just ask :)

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