Out With The Old

In Hackney - chucking out the trees with the 6th only a day away. 

I have just come away from the Photo Society evening - a really inspiring series of presentations from recently joined members. Showing us their photography, what motivates them to take pictures and why they joined the society. All very different but all with a common theme: photography makes you look at the world in a different way and see colours, shapes and patterns that you might otherwise miss. Brilliant.

One of our members uses photography to promote awareness on climate change. Which got me thinking about the scrapped Christmas tree in the picture here. Is it more sustainable to use an artificial tree (made of plastic) or a real one that has been grown, used fertilisers, been transported on a ship and in lorries and then thrown away for the same thing to happen again next year.


Thanks to all four contributors this evening for your hard work.

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