By Ingleman

Rock And A Hard Place

Great day today, sunshine and five mile walk, exploring the historical village of Tettenhall, near Wolverhampton. Some fine old buildings, magical church and village green. Disused railway, nature valley created from a disused quarry. Canals, sandstone ridge with wide reaching views, roads built by Thomas  Telford, and so much more.
On the Green there are some amazing trees and I spotted this commemorative stone being slowly consumed by the tree.
I have spent hours researching this, having established it was laid by John Leslie?... JP. To commemorate silver something. My guess is a silver jubilee. George V, or George Vl. That would make the planting either 1935 or 1961.
I am on a mission but now distracted by the sheer volume of data available. So many notable people emanating from my home town, it's a whole new dimension. Nearly didn't make today's blip. Any historians with suggestions for shortcuts would be most welcome. 


**Sincere thanks to all who have kindly added comments and stars on yesterday's upload - much appreciated. 

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