Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

The Last Vestige of Christmas

The Final Day of Stacey's Big Ol' Holiday, and I really shouldn't have waited until today to start taking down the Christmas shizz. Partly because I just wanted to roll up in blankets with a book or podcast, but also because the incredibly empty living room just sort of amplified my back-to-work feels. It was like that Sunday night funk turned up to 11.

I went full 80s foil decoration twat this Christmas, and somehow managed to stick up a hanging on the ceiling that I now can't reach to take down (?!). I wonder how long this tiny slice of green foil will remain Blu-tacked to the ceiling?...

Following the announcement this evening, I've been feeling a lot of stuff. Relieved that we're taking steps to reduce COVID cases. Rage and disappointment at the government for waiting until the day after the last minute to do this. Sadness at yet more time without seeing my family. Sympathy for all the teachers, parents, businesses etc. who have basically zero time to sort things out before tomorrow. Exhaustion just at everything. Here's hoping this is our last lockdown.

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