By Beinghere

Lady's Tower, Elie

A beautiful sunny, dry day with very little wind again.  I love days like this.  We went to Elie and walked on the coastal path and the beach.  Lady's Tower was built for Lady Jane Anstruther in 1760.  She liked her daily skinny dip and used this as her changing room.  a servant would ring a bell to warn villagers to stay away.  I know wild swimming is much more popular now, but a wet suit, or even just a swimming suit offers some protection.  Brrr. She must have been hardy.
Second day of lockdown and not much has changed for me. I know it makes life difficult for many people, but I am fortunate to live a quiet life normally.  Of course I miss going for a cuppa or lunch with friends, or visiting family, or having people to visit me.  I find it strange and awkward when someone comes to my door and I can't invite them in.  And I will miss travelling further afield for walks, but even given all that, and a touch of isolation and loneliness at times, I'm fine.  
My middle son and his partner are expecting a baby in April and i have only seen the baby bump in photographs, because it is not safe to visit them.  They are well and happy and that's what matters. It's really great having something wonderful to look forward to.

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