Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

2201. Pearl January 6

I bought these fresh water pearls second hand from one of my favourite shops in Perth, Revival. When I wore them for the first time I wasn’t happy that they could just slip off my neck as they wouldn’t stay tied in a knot at the front so once again I got my favourite jeweller on case and they made me some tiny gold clips to keep the pearls in place and they work beautifully.

Met my youngest and my friend in town for a coffee, walk and a chat which was really nice...had my first chiropractic appointment since before Christmas and all was fine.

Walking in town was slightly easier than the last few days but it remains icy outside.

Slowly getting into a little routine of getting out for a walk, doing something productive in the house and then playing a game or relaxing doing something else.

I can’t wait for this all to end..... but I also know it will...eventually...

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