Euclidium Space Continuum

By Mobius

Greet Island; Sleep Damage

How do you do..?

Was quite struck, seeing this island in the River Greet nor the wall in such clarity (if at all), following all the recent rain. Another "feature" of severe local River and Dyke side scraping . Good for Southwell flood control; not so good for wildlife. 

I occasionally have seen Kingfisher's fly into the removed wall vegetation and once had one hovering for quite a few seconds about a foot away from me on the nearby bridge. Lets hope they return at some point.

Enjoyed listening to "Max Richters" "Sleep" analogue style whilst dusting today; that is until I managed to clean side D with silicone spray polish instead of anti-static fluid. Side D completed playing almost instantly thanks to the needle skidding over the grooves.

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