Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Shocking day

And sad.  I’d put up a tv photo but were not allowed and I suspect everyone has seen them.  The anxieties of yesterday had good reason to fester today.  Could have been worse but why weren’t we more prepared?  Twitter has banned trump for just 12 hours...the whole vilolence today is totally his fault and I just don’t know why he’s not locked up. 
There have been demonstrations at our governors home as well as others , like Georgia... the only bright spot of the day was winning  both senate seats!   The lawmakers are now back to counting the electoral votes tonight....Pence will be forced to announce the new president.

We had to stop watching the tv and plant some bulbs in the sunshine...only 2 months late..wonder what will happen to them.

The blip is my 73 days journal from the election til Jan 20 when Biden takes over.   Sketching is a huge problem now with my left hand so Fiona has been helping me and sending me some sketches... only 14 more days after today.  
 What can that despicable person do to top today?

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