Life after Burradoo, NSW

By MountGrace


We woke up this morning to the news of the horrific and insane events in Washington. We have spent almost all day glued to the television watching CNN. We were incredulous and horrified at the behaviour of the insurrectionists and in their mentally unwell and disgraceful motivator. When I went for my walk I even listened to the audio of CNN.

At one stage I lifted up my head and looked ahead at the peaceful scene I was walking through. I was walking in soft rain with not a car nor a person in sight. The only sounds I could hear were the thwacking of golf balls and the laughter of kookaburras. I was really struck by the incredible incongruity of my peaceful surroundings and the violent events that I was listening to. I wondered what would be better -  to turn the radio off because there was nothing I could do about what was going on in Washington and, therefore, absorb the peace of my own surroundings, or continue to listen being deeply affected by what was going on. It's a quandary I often find myself in these days. I opted to keep listening. I'm not sure it's the best approach.

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