A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Very Curious Retro

Dug out the two archived VCRs from the basement with a view to digitising some of the family tapes.  

I'd forgotten about this one - a Panasonic dating from the time when (briefly) Radio Times put a barcode beside each programme and you could scan the code with the remote, and zap it into the VCR.

Some cool technology and design - check out the fold-down controls on the main unit.  Mind you, it was £499 in the day (found the price tag in the box!) so I'd expect some serious cool.

That the date-setting bar codes only go up to 2010 suggests (1) wild optimism in the early 90's, and (2) it really is quite old.

The other VCR is the one that replaced this. A lot less cool, but with that new fangled thing of picking up programme start times from the TV transmission.  What will they think of next?.

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