I love lichens

A few riverside tree trunks were clad in lichens.
Mum & I headed off to Dawlish Community hospital early this morning for Mum to have her first Covid jab. All very well organised, parking was supervised as was the rest of the exercise. Mum's appointment at 8.45am. She had her Pfizer jab at 8.47am, came back to sit down in the waiting area with a piece of sticky paper on the back of her hand with the time written on it. A very competent volunteer, came back at 9.10, a minute before Mum could leave to check she was feeling okay. Jab done!
Next stop Morrison's, for a shop. As we drove back towards Teignmouth the sun was shining making the sea sparkle. A shame we could'nt stop for a walk along the front. We'll have to save that for another time. Mum sat in the car while I shopped for us both. She was happy to people/bird watch. I bought a net of fresh mussels. Got back to the car & asked Mum if she would like some .... back into Morrison's, grabbed a net, & out through the safe serve in a jiffy.
Did I mention I bought jam doughnuts, no, well I could'nt resist, they were on display right inside the entrance. A successful impulse buy. Perfect with a cuppa. S arrived back with Indie. She'd taken her on the same walk as Tuesday ... no problems today. :-)
Got home. Blow! I'd left 2 doughnuts for later at Mum's. Hubby was going to see a friend in CK so I asked him to drop me off and I'd walk back up the river to Chudleigh. Could have done with an extra layer as it was a tad chilly once the sun went in but it did'nt stop me exploring the beach area beside the bridge.
Many old trees have fallen in the latest storms & floods, fortunately not blocking the path.

I got a phone call from my brother just as the mussels were going in the pan. He'd tried calling Mum twice this evening, 40mins between calls, engaged both times. What to do, well there was no way I could make dinner now, first I tried ringing her next door neighbour. Number not recognised, so I jumped in the car & drove down to CK. The  wire on her kitchen phone was all tangled so not sitting in the rocker? Panic over, wire untangled. I left her phoning my brother back.

A big bowl of mussels cooked with cider, garlic, shallot, sweet red pepper, fresh tomato, cream & dill & chunky bread for dinner tonight.

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