Life after Burradoo, NSW

By MountGrace

Least favourite job

We needed to do something today to distract ourselves from the horror of the ongoing drama in the US. We both ended up choosing jobs that we dislike. I decided I would clean the barbecue and my better half took on the dishwasher.

We know that any society has its anarchists and fascists but the mentally ill, soon to be former president has certainly unleashed them in the US. In many ways I think the most shameful of all are the Republicans who, even following the disgraceful insurrection, continued to perpetuate Trump's lies. I will have to find some other horrible job tomorrow to continue to distract me.

Now, the answers to yesterday's questions about old movie stars are Richard Chamberlain (my teenage collection)  and Robert Montgomery, Joan Crawford and Clark Gable from my mother's collection. Many thanks to fellow blip 'moonfairy' who was able to tell me that the film in which the three of them starred was called 'Forsaking All Others' (1934).

My two extras are from Mum's collection. Can you name them? Answers tomorrow.

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