Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Violin lesson!

Friday 08.15, not a zoom class but still virtual. A lot of catching up today and discussion about what to do about exams. He should have done G3 before Christmas, but now Ros has said to potentially move on to G4. However he could do one of the new performance exams, four pieces of the same level, recorded at home and then submitted. Seems like a no brainer to me, he's learnt three G3 pieces already, so one more to go and a target for him to aim at.

Obviously the rest of the day was a little wonky as it started differently to the last two. Always the case, he doesn't do change. But all school work was done by lunchtime so he was happy. I think this is my aim going forward, work in the mornings, chill/fun in the afternoon, for Will at least. Carys has to continue as no one yet knows how her GCSE will be awarded and as yet the IGCSE's are set to go ahead (because that's what the private schools have requested). It will make for such disparity for this cohort with state school pupils mostly being awarded grades and private school pupils having sat exams, a disparity that will be with them forever. Poor kids.

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