By Maureen6002

Snow Pony

No two days could be more different. Yesterday’s grey skies and constant rain have vanished, and we walk out - eventually- into a world of clear blue skies. No sunshine though; we live in what we call the ‘twilight zone’ where the sun does not appear above the hill at this time of year. To reach the sun - and hopefully snow - we need to climb. 

It takes an hour to reach Bryn y Maen; at least it should but it takes us about twice this as there are so many things to stop and look at - and of course, photograph. 

Macro opportunities abound, the snow scenes are exquisite, and we also have the benefits of some beautiful little ponies playing in the snow. One, a rich chestnut colour, has the extravagant silky mane of a Caerneddau pony - wild ponies that graze upon the wild high areas behind the north Wales coast. The light catches him; he’s beautiful. He has a manic little dark haired friend who gallops round, kicking up snow as he does so. We stay and watch them for a while, before heading further up the hill. 

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