By madowoi

Schooner Head Sunrise

Got up early and hiked from Schooner Head up to the Bowl. Very chilly and peaceful. For some reason the date on my camera is not set correctly, but I can assure the powers that be this photo was taken today and not yesterday evening. To wit: Schooner Head faces East! I think I have correctly reset the time now.

My travels this morning also yielded a story which I will share in parts:

Monkey and Sun, a Fable: Part I (of III)

Monkey’s daughter needed a new phone. One day he went to the store and bought her a nice new phone, and in return she gave him the device she had been using to keep in touch with people. “Wow,” thought Monkey as he examined the device. “This thing not only connects to the internet, it also has a camera!” So Monkey became a Photographer.

He would carry the device all over the place and take pictures while he walked around. He was proud of his pictures, and liked to show them off to his wife. “That’s very nice dear,” she would say, before going back to creating beautiful artwork on a neat little device of her own. Eventually Monkey started noticing something strange. It never seemed like his photos looked as breathtaking and amazing as the photos he saw in magazines, or on calendars, or all over the internet. “Hmmm…” he thought. “I wonder what is wrong with my photographs?”

He kept carrying the device around with him, but now he also read about photography and watched videos about photography and talked to his wife about photography. He also thought about photography sometimes. Finally he understood. It was Sun! “Sun is not cooperating with my pictures,” he thought. “That is why they are not incredibly amazing.”

The next morning Monkey was taking photographs of some snow on a mountain. The snow on the mountain was beautiful, but his photos? They were pretty meh. He turned to Sun, who was quite high in the sky. “This is your fault!” he called out. “Why aren’t you cooperating?” But Sun said nothing. She just continued going about her day taking care of her own business. “I know what to do,” Monkey said to himself. “I will get up very early in the morning. I will come back here and get ready with my device and this new equipment I have. Then Sun will have to cooperate!”

continued tomorrow...

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