By Missycat

Day 294 A visit to the hairdressers

A visit to the Lego hairdresser is about as near as we are likely to get for the foreseeable future it seems.  This delightful set is one of Violet's Christmas gifts from my sister in law and family.  It is rather different from the basic sets that I bought The Son over 30 years ago and some of which we possess still today.  Then there were more basic bricks and rather less tiny pieces and tiny people.
In other news: nothing significant as it is the weekend, although figures for infections and hospitalisations seems still to rising and daily we are reminded that the NHS is on the point of being overwhelmed.
Mr MC still feels fine after his vaccine jab yesterday which is a positive.  My OA is not good at the moment but today I tried a simple workout from Versus Arthritis.  The weekly videos are free and the programme is 12 weeks long.  This week concentrated on mobility, something I definitely need!

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