By schorschi

Friday night is Party time

Had been working all week in London, so no hectic to get showered and dressed up for the drinks party at my flat at Iverna Court, High St Kensington.

We were an unrelated motley crew of six, 3 girls, 3 boys in a five bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 2 WCs, huge kitchen, sitting room and dining room, flat. Luxury really. The owner Mike was one of us, along with Sally the posh one who worked in the city, Jenny and ?Penny?, the two girls shared a huge room, Kim the suave, white suited Australian buyer for Bally Shoes, and me.

Mike and Sally are not in the photos - I suspect Mike took the photos and Sally had perhaps thought she didn't need the do.

I'm not sure there was any good reason for the party, my diary doesn't suggest there was, simply a bit of a get together. We all got on really well and there were no big problems except the kitchen which was I'm sure same in any flat sharing arrangement. Kim and I spent a lot of time together mainly with his girlfriend and sister who lived just around the corner. I would always eagerly accompany them to various casinos in the West End where Kim had membership so that I could feed on the free sandwiches and soft drinks. Mike and I also did quite a bit together.

But up until this weekend, I was mainly with my girlfriend of 2 years and 10 months, Annie. We spent the day after these photos in London at the Grenadier Pub in Knightsbridge, then the Hard Rock at Hyde Park for a meal followed by a Sunday walk in Hyde Park and drink/meal at The Surprise in Chelsea. Annie stayed the night and announced she was ending the relationship! Ouch! She was right to do so and actually slowly dismantled the ties over the following months. She stayed the night for the last time on 1st October, ironically after another party at the flat - her new, I think used, VW Beetle had broken down.

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