Lost in Thought

By steveng

What lies beneath?

well - mostly foam turned to a fine black dust and some rather decrepit felted wool.

Gill is removing tacks holding the vinyl cover onto the backrest from one of our dining room chairs. We bought those pincers on the end of the workmate and a tack lifter to help remove the various staples and tacks holding the old covers in place. We've used all three this morning and by the time we were on the last chair things were going relatively quickly.  We would both say that TV programmes like Money for Nothing and The Repair Shop make this look easier than it is!  Alternatively - we can see why some of the recover a chair jobs cost as much as they do :-)

Working in the conservatory as the garage is almost full of things needing to go to the tip, and getting small black tacks out of black vinyl needs plenty of light.

Some of the frame joints need glueing and clamping - then we can start on the recovering.   As we can't take the seat and backrest bits to the foam shop we will be having a careful measuring session next.

Gill is keen that you understand this is her Covid-19 hairstyle :-)

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