A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Tiny Tuesday 294 :: TT294 :: Frozen in Time

My Tiny Tuesday offering this week is of bamboo leaves frozen on our pond. Even the curled up points of the leaf has frozen water rising up to it. It was only after taking the shot did I notice the little critter in the ice behind it. It may have been frozen there as it didn't move at all whilst I took images. There is a very tiny black bug moving about on the leaf buy it just looks like a spot. 

In Extras: Very early this morning (5am) I noticed the sky was clear and the stars where out in force. I put my camera out into the garden for a couple of star trail images of about 20 mins each. It appears in one of the shots my neighbours visited the bathroom as the light was out every time I checked on the camera! Planes and possibly satellites flew over and I think there might even be a shooting star in the other. I have boosted the saturation but the stars where these colours to my camera. 

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