Left by Mallards Lake

The rock I found on top of a post box the other day I left down by Mallards Lake this afternoon. That’s the high point of the day. It’s sort of Tiny Tuesday, hosted by loisbiz.

This morning we engaged in mutual hairdressing, Susan had already cut 3 inches herself. I was called upon to straighten the ends. She then made a very good job of tidying up my errant grey locks.

I went out on an essential journey to collect some previously clicked paint and a visit to a supermarket to collect stuff that were not available at our usual supermarket.

We had a very unsatisfactory experience with purchasing online stamps and labels to send Doreen’s hearing aids to the hospital for checking and repair. Having bought the required postage on line and printed the label we took the parcel to the post office to have the receipt stamped.

They couldn’t do it. It had to go to the delivery office. I went there, having consulted their opening hours, to find it closed at mid day. A wasted journey.

I could have completed the entire transaction at our post office, but in trying to reduce queuing I failed and had to use the car on an unnecessary journey. I have pointed all this out on an email to the Royal Mail!

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