Another Fiery Start

I was out early this morning and managed to catch a nice red sky as the sun rose. The plumes of smoke and steam are from Drax power station - 17 miles away as the crow flies.

Two reasons for being out early - one was to avoid the forecast rain and the second was to go and help Mrs madwill prepare orders for despatch. She has been swamped since offering a very generous discount on some (older) ranges of fabric! The shelves are slowly depleting…

I spent a few hours at the studio, and had to get back home for 2:30 for a food delivery ..which arrived around 3:15 (still within time slot). Just a couple of non-food items missing, so no problem there.

Food all washed and stashed and Mrs madwill almost finished at work so no need for me to go back to help today.

Cup of tea and my last mince pie then….

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