By dfb24

I Saw the Sun

It was out more than once, too. As soon as I saw it I drove to the bluffs, but in the few minutes it took me to get there it was cloudy again. Just then my sister called and by the time I finished talking to her while I sat in the car, it was back out again. When I got to the edge of the bluffs I could see there was ice forming on the trees so I took a few shots, drove home, and the sun was fading. It's been in and out all morning, but it's much better than none at all. I worked on the basement for about an hour last night, and I re-cleaned the sunporch this morning since it's so mild outside (the porch isn't heated). (41F). I cleaned it once before, after the workmen left, but it was too cold last time to be scrubbing the floor really well. Now it's looking back to normal. Slow but sure! :)

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